Proficiency is our goal

We listen, read, write, and speak in Spanish.
We use the language to explore our cultures, Spanish-speaking cultures, world cultures, and ancient cultures.
We also use useful language in the class so that we are prepared to communicate in the real world.
Our interactions are centered on what each student needs, knows, and can do now and what each student needs in order to move forward.
Our hope is that the students will:

  • read in Spanish
  • listen in Spanish
  • respond as able using signals at first, then words in Spanish, then phrases.


Latin gives students the opportunity to learn an ancient language along with the history, culture, and mythology of the ancient Romans.

Latin provides skills to learn how to learn a language and it is the direct ancestor of English, Spanish, and other Romance languages.

Students translate Latin into English and discover how the two are related.

They will also explore the world of the Romans and the legacy they left behind.